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Transparency and risk management

At Northern Trust, clients have the opportunity to optimise the value of their portfolios by participating in our securities lending programme, while working within their individual risk tolerances. Northern Trust is an experienced securities lending industry leader. Our primary competitive advantages are:

Exceptional Capital Strength

  • Sophisticated investors recognise the importance of partnering with a stable and disciplined lending agent.
  • Discerning investors recognise that indemnification is only as strong as the lending agent offering the protection.
  • Northern Trust possesses the financial strength and stability to be a premier, dependable partner for our clients, and has proven its success through years of business cycles.

Customised Solutions for Client Satisfaction

  • We know that securities lending is not a "one size fits all" product. Northern Trust works with our clients to understand their objectives and design customised programmes to fit each client’s individual risk and return objectives.
  • We offer multiple routes to market, expertise in a wide variety of collateral and ongoing expansion into new markets.
  • We develop relationships focused on trust and reliability, not only on the transaction.

Proven Performance Results through Advanced Technology

  • Northern Trust provides strong performance supported by more than three decades of innovative solutions and robust risk management.
  • Northern Trust's competitive advantage is gained through our distinctive global infrastructure. We achieve efficiency in technology through our single, global proprietary trading platform which allows our traders to lend our clients’ securities around the clock.
  • Organic growth enables us to develop and evolve our trading platform, a key technological advantage that allows us to quickly capitalise on trades that may not be accessible by others.
  • Our experienced trading professionals focus on optimising the intrinsic value of their assets through the use of advanced technology and automation, as well as exclusive capabilities.
  • Clients have the ability to consistently monitor their securities lending programme through our reporting block on Passport or through our suite of securities lending reports.

A Core Business

  • Northern Trust has a 36-year track record of providing superior securities lending services, and is fully committed to securities lending as one of our core businesses.
  • Our stable, experienced securities lending team is focused on developing unique solutions for our clients.
  • Our senior management team is deeply involved in overall business strategy and actively participates in industry associations to help guide programme and industry development.
  • Northern Trust provides robust capital support to our securities lending programme, allowing us to continuously invest in our business and clients.
Sunil Daswani

Sunil Daswani

Senior Vice President - Head of International Securities Lending
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Sunil Daswani

Sunil Daswani

Senior Vice President - Head of International Securities Lending

Sunil Daswani is a Senior Vice President and is responsible for the relationship management team for all of Northern Trust's global clients (ex North America) who participate in Securities lending. He also leads the sales efforts for any new clients interested in Northern Trust's Securities Lending capabilities and may be interested in participating in our lending programme.

Sunil previously acted as Director and Regional Manager for Securities Lending, Asia for Northern Trust Global Investments based in Hong Kong. There he was responsible for addressing and evaluating securities lending initiatives for lenders and borrowers where Northern Trust acted as an agent lender. Sunil additionally focused on building the supply of Asian assets for Northern Trust global securities lending program ensuring that the due diligence was carried out when lending its clients assets in each jurisdiction. Sunil was also the Chairman of the  Pan Asia Securities Lending Association (PASLA), from 2005 through 2008.

Prior to this position, Sunil was a Global Custody product manager at Citigroup.

Sunil holds a BSc. (Economics) in Accounting & Finance from the London School of Economics (1993).

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